domenica 6 marzo 2011

Multiroom Audio

I like music and movies as many people! More generally I like multimedia and Home Automation (called Domotica  in italian) and I have been following the development of set-top-box systems, standard bus communication and standards for streaming for several years.
Let's start from audio streaming: in 2006 I found a fantastic device by Slimdevices, now aquired by Logitech and better known as SqueezeBox, for streaming audio anywhere, so as to achieve a simple multiroom audio system.
A similar device was Roku SoundBridge, but it is no longer for sale.
Apple offers AirPort Express Base Station with AirTunes, which looks like a simple battery charger, but in addition to ethernet, wifi and usb connectivity, it provides an audio output to connect your stereo system.
Newcomer, but already very popular for its Apple style, there's Sonos, designed for multiroom audio and available in a variety of devices.

All this is not enough for me, I'd like a modular device, presenting itself as a true WiFi speaker, using open protocols and standards, as well able to reproduce music decently and that is why the choice of devices on the market shrinks dramatically!

Work began connecting OpenPicus to a VLSI MP3 decoder with excellent results:

and it's continuing testing some integrated amplifiers to achieve our WiFi loudspeaker:

Stay tuned for news!

5 commenti:

  1. Ciao, sono molto interessato al tuo progetto! L'idea era venuta anche a me (e soprattutto l'esigenza) ma non conoscendo OpenPicus, nè nessun altro hardware a microcontrollore dotato di wifi a prezzo DECENTE, non mi ci sono mai messo. Devo farti i complimenti; non vedo l'ora di vedere altro sul progetto

  2. Hi Andrea , Nice to meet you. I appreciate your work on wifi loudspeaker. Where can be find more information on what you did and specifically how to use UDP for audio streaming? Will ypu publish the details of this project? ...I have a brand new open picus board and both professionally and for hobby want to develop something in this field.

  3. Sorry for delay, the first prototype of audio nest for Flyport and Flyport ethernet will be ready this week. Very soon I will write a new post with all details and source code!

  4. Hi Andrea. Any news about your prototype? An anticipation / preview maybe?

  5. Hi Mauroansa, I'm working on the first prototype board, but I have a problem with the ogg recording plugin.
    I hope to have free time this weekend to work on the project! You can see this short video about the nestAudio board: